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3 Methods for better nail and hand nourishment using coconut oil

Composed of vitamin C, E and more than 20 types of antibacterial components lauric acid, capric acid… Coconut oil can enhance your natural beauty by simulate collagen level and increase nail’s flexibility.

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Polish Change Versus Pedicure – What is the difference, and which is better?

This service is quite affordable and when you’re trying to minimize cost, save money or simply too busy to make an extra stop at a salon, polish change is a dry quick way to fix up your nails. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes unlike pedicure that takes about an hour to fix.

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What Is Polish Change

A polish change is a service that almost all nail spas offers, it is ridiculously cheap and can be describes as a mini manicure. With a polish change you can get almost the same result as getting a full priced manicure service.

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How to do a Polish Change On Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails in contrast with the other nails have greater strength and durability of the nails. They are suitable with women with weak nails and are good for women who have a habit of chewing off their nails.

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